Cover Illustration by Aaron Renier Inside layout

Recently I was given the opportunity to design a book for 826CHI. The book was written by 106 students from 2nd through 8th grade. It started as an exercise in developing characters, and ended up being kind of like a game of telephone. A small group of students created the main characters, and then the story was passed along to other students, who wrote the next chapters, then passed on to other students to continue, and so on.

The book is illustrated by Aaron Renier and Laura Park, who turned around over 100 illustrations, one for every chapter, in just about a week. They also did a fantastic job on the cover illustration. Honestly, once I settled on the typefaces and how the stories would be structured, the bulk of the work was organizational…working on page breaks, formatting text. The one twist is that there are a handful of stories written in 1st person by three different characters, so I decided to set those stories as handwritten, and had to pick out three different typefaces for the three characters, one of which is a talking lizard.

The turnaround was very quick, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Fingers crossed that it will lead to more opportunities in book design. It can be purchased at The Boring Store at 1331 N Milwaukee Ave (Chicago), or online here.

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